Rest, relax, indulge…


That expresses how most of us feel after a busy holiday season. There’s so much to do, so many details to finish..and for us, so much chocolate to make!

Well, after all that, we just need to take some time for ourselves!

Here’s what we prescribe:
1. A nice meal out this week… just immediate family. A fun night without cooking and without really entertaining.2. ┬áSomething to make you feel better… a haircut, massage, even just a nap… feel restored before facing a new year.

3. A treat… yes, there has been a lot of food… parties, catering, extra snacks around the house, cookie exchanges… We’re not talking about that… we’re talking just a couple of bites of something truly special. Now, of course, you know we would recommend our chocolates (Pure Dark Truffles is the right choice without a doubt). ┬áThe right treat is something you really savor.

Now, we are off to take our own advice. We hope you do the same!

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