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Chocolate captivates our senses and often awakens our curiosity as in, "How did they create something so delicious?" or "Is chocolate really good for me?" We try to answer the most popular and frequently asked questions here. 
Got questions of your own? Use the Contact Us link or e-mail me at bailey@dpconfections.com.

Q: What is artisan chocolate-making- do you really make everything by hand?
A: Everything from Double Premium Confections is handmade and that's really what artisan chocolate-making is all about. There is no factory and no moving conveyor belt in our kitchen. All of our chocolates, caramels, and treats are cooked, dipped, and molded by hand. What this means for our customers is that each piece is at it's peak of freshness and has the flavor and elegance of a miniature work of art, which is definitely how we view our chocolates.

Q: How long can I wait to consume my Double Premium Confections chocolates?
A: We recommend consuming chocolates within 5 weeks of purchase. Because we use natural flavors and fresh ingredients, we recommend eating your treats as early as possible as some of the natural flavors will weaken with time.

Q: How should I store my Double Premium Confections chocolates?
A: Chocolates thrive in normal, room temperature. Keep your chocolates out of direct sunlight and out of very hot or cold environments. Though many people are used to keeping chocolates in the refrigerator, Double Premium Confections advises you to keep your chocolates at room temperature. If optimal room temperature is not a sure thing, the refrigerator can be used so long as you keep the following in mind: Chocolate hates water. Why does this matter? Well, when you take your chocolates out of the refrigerator, you run the risk of exposing them to condensation from the warmer air outside the refrigerator as it comes in contact with your now very cool chocolates. If you refrigerate, always do so in an airtight container and let your chocolates come to room temperature in the airtight container before opening and eating them. More storage questions? Ask me at bailey@dpconfections.com.

Q: What is your shipping policy?
A:  Double Premium Confections will ship our chocolates and confections around the country. Shipping rates can be calculated using the checkout page online by entering your zip code and order information. Double Premium Confections cannot guarantee that your chocolates will arrive in perfect condition because of weather and shipping delays, but we will do as much as we can to ensure a successful delivery. To do so, we may hold your chocolate order a day or two to avoid shipping over a weekend and we may e-mail you to ensure your order is planned for and will be picked up in a timely fashion. Double Premium Confections may also need to add special shipping charges during particularly hot days or over very long distances. We will contact you should we believe these extra precautions are required.

Q:Where can I try Double Premium Confections in person and meet the chocolate-makers?
A: To meet us in person or experience a live tasting or special event, like our page on Facebook and follow our blog to see where we will be appearing next.  Have a great idea for a tasting or event, contact me at bailey@dpconfections.com. You can also use the Catering and Wholesale customers page on our website to plan your own catering or private tasting event.