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Double Premium Confections Media

American Magazine- American University, August, 2010


It's a sweet life for Bailey Kasten, the chocoholic behind Double Premium Confections, a gourmet candy company she launched last year.

"Everybody loves chocolate. It's got the snap and the shine; it's simple but delicious,: says Kasten, SPA/BA 05.

From her D.C. kitchen, Kasten whips up dozens of decadent flavors that span the sugar spectrum, from gingerbread and champagne to lavender and maple. Her coworkers at the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, where she's worked as operations manager for six years, are more than happy to be taste-testers.

"I'm very scientific," Kasten laughs. "I'll experiment eight different ways with the same flavor and throw in a store brand just to keep everyone honest."

"Sometimes we get it right on the first try and sometimes it's 100 batches later and it's still not right."

Ultimately, however, Kasten's tastebuds are the guiding force behind her budding confectionary.

"There's nothing we make that I don't love," she says. "People always ask if I get tired of eating chocolate. The truth is, sometimes I'll make a big batch of caramel just for myself."

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